Hot Tub Universe

Our Operation is simple and effective…
Modern Family Business– We do what we say and say what we do. We keep it simple and can always look our customer in the eye.
Low Overhead Warehouse direct– No fancy showrooms and low overhead expenses means we can cut thousands off of retailers prices.
Service and customer care- We know the value of a referral, Our In house fully stocked service team ensures prompt professional service! We built the largest supplier of hot tubs and swim spas in Atlantic Canada through referrals and recommendations… Buy from us and you will refer us business, we guarantee it!
Massive Buying power- We sell more than twice as many hot tubs and swim spas than any other Atlantic Canadian hot tub seller!!! We buy train loads factory direct and pay cash which means we get the best prices on top name brand spas!
25 Years experience- We have manufactured, supplied Home depot and Costco, Built, costed and delivered and repaired… We know this industry like very few people do, this means we have bought in spas that we know are proven to last, and outperform everything else on the market… No guessing, no figuring out, we know from experience in the field what we are doing and you simply can not buy better than we offer.

Hot Tub Universe…Why pay retail?



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